Thursday, April 8, 2010

Numerologiaa - Numerology

Numerologia perustuu hindujen Veda-kirjoihin ja Pythagoraan oppeihin, ja sen mukaan ihmisen syntymäajan ja nimen perusteella voidaan ennustaa hänen kohtaloaan.

Numerology is based on Hindu Vedas and the teachings of Pythagoras and it can predict a person's fate from their name and birth date.

Numerology test 1

Your Inner or Soul's Urge: This is spiritual and emotional expression more than physical. It is your heart-felt desires, your incentive, how you look at life. Here are your areas of personal satisfaction.

Number: 8

You desire big affairs and the power to handle them, with success in all material matters. You love organization, construction, finance, and the huge operations of the commercial world. Happiness, for you, is doing things in a big way, getting results. You are generous, large-minded, powerful, and dependable; a natural executive.

You have courage and poise, with the vision, strength, efficiency, excellent judgment, stamina, and determination to succeed. When struggling against opposition you are confident of victory.

Your ability to see the true potential in others may make you seem dominant and exacting; but you never spare yourself, either. You are a power for good. However, if you seek money and control purely for selfish reasons, they will tend to elude you.

For more success and better control, cultivate justice and toleration for the weaker and less efficient.

Your Personality: This is physical expression more than spiritual or emotional; your outer self, the way you express when meeting others. It may or may not be the real you.

Number: 5

You are seen as curious, sensual, witty, carefree, capricious, and restless. Monotony does not survive around you. You are adept with words and can entertain new ideas with relish, making you an enjoyable person to be around.

You tend to be fashion conscious.

You may go to extremes in outerwear (and underwear), just to be daring and watch people's reactions or to be in the limelight. Realize your personality can be stylishly expressed, without overdoing it, and still fit the occasion.

Your Quiescent Self: Stripping away all outside influences, aspirations, ambitions, "shoulds", and "shouldn'ts" - this is you when you are alone; just you and your dreams.

Number: 5

You travel to all countries of the world and experience the cultures they have to offer. You are fluent in all native languages and thrill with understanding many and varied points of view. Ties and responsibilities are not present. You live for adventure and constant new experience.

Your thoughts and pleasure are not predictable, even to yourself, but always relate to learning or experiencing new things.

Your Destiny or Ultimate Goal: This is your desired lifetime accomplishment. It is a key to a useful and happy life, and to feeling fulfillment during your latter days.

Number: 4

You are a builder, a manager and organizer to build solid foundations and structures that last for your and others' security. This applies to all work you undertake.

Rather than just dreaming, you strive for tangible results. Your success depends much upon your personal determination, sincerity, perseverance, patience, and honesty.

You are systematic, methodical, trustworthy, dependable, and effective; a craftsman, a builder, and an organizer slowly and surely building for the future. You are solid yet durable, precise, and dignified. When you have a definite goal, you are persistent until it is reached.

You know the value of a job well done.

Your Life's Path: Here are clues to what fate has in store for you. It indicates the type of encounters, events, and opportunities you are likely to experience along your physical life path.

Number: 9

Your path is philanthropy, loving service to the peoples of Earth. You are a humanitarian with an innate sense of idealism, tolerance, and compassion, giving up personal ambitions and possessions if the general good demands it. You have an impressive personality and power to influence others. At times you are somewhat naive in your anticipation of the joy you believe is coming.

Your spiritual sensitivity and holistic feelings for humanity encompass a wide range - compassion, generosity, sympathy, tolerance. You have a vivid imagination.

You easily and joyfully serve your fellow man, tending to place others before yourself and give your Love, sympathy, help, and understanding without stint. You would like to see perfection in marriage, self, and the whole world.

Your opportunities are among emotional, artistic, and inspirational people, in fields that serve broad segments of mankind.

This Year's Path: Here is what you are likely to encounter this year - your feelings, your predominant perspective, and the type of situations, circumstances, and opportunities you tend to attract during the calendar year.

Number: 1

More so than usual, you feel desire to move forward, to improve situations, to assert your individuality, and to get on with life. Reach for opportunities and they will come to you.

Life is beginning anew! Now is the time to put your best foot forward; to take up a hobby or other activity that will freshen your thinking and broaden your general activities; to look ahead.

This is an active year with many decisions to make. Your affairs are making a new start. The next nine years' experience will depend a great deal on what you do and don't do this year. It calls for strength of purpose, clear thinking, and listening to your inner voice.

Next Year's Path.

Number: 11

Harmonious associations are very important for you this year. The year's success and good results will be obtained through diplomacy, cooperation, tactfulness, good relationships, and, especially, personal introspection. It is a year for receiving and sharing rather than aggressively pursuing your own way.

Your intuition and emotions are enhanced this year.

It is a busy year, with endless demands on your time. It is easier to work with others rather than doing things by yourself.

Your plans and developments may experience periods of delay. No need to worry about that. Things seem to move slower this year.

The year can revitalize your peace of mind. It is a good time to strengthen your friendships.

A heightened religious, mystical, and psychic awareness can bring you to a position of influence. This is the year your ideals of a personal, inner nature become visible even to others.

It is a busy year.

Last Year's Path.

Number: 9

This year you realize completion and/or fulfillment of some of your dreams. During the year you can let go of the old and undesirable to make way for the new and worthwhile.

Things that have been lagging behind want to be finished up this year. Some things seem to finish themselves. In general, this is not a good year to begin new projects.

Be tolerant, compassionate, and forgiving, and this can be one of the most wonderful years of your life. Keeping your mind open for broader interests and larger activities seem more natural to you this year. Make your interests more of a universal, rather than personal, nature.

Love affairs get your attention, maybe even your own.

You find yourself cultivating music, writing, and other arts, and expressing love to the many and toleration of all. The "brotherhood of man" is your keynote. Respond to the urge to do good works.

Numerology test 2

Your Life Path.

Number: 9

Your purpose in life is to make the world better.

You are very socially conscious and a total idealist.
You think there are many things wrong with the world, and you want to fix them.
You have a big idea of how to world could be, and you'll sacrifice almost anything to work towards this dream.

In love, you can easily see the beauty in someone else. And you never cling too tightly.

You are capable of great love, but it's hard for you to focus your love on one person or relationship.
You have a lot of outward focus, and you tend to blame the world for your failures.
You are often disappointed by the realities of life - it's hard for you to accept the shortcomings of the world.


Secretia said...

This is an interesting read, and it's much more in depth than a horoscope.

Helena said...

Well, a proper astrogical analysis is much more in depth but numerology is interesting too. Reliable or not they encourage you to introspection.

Ricardo said...

Oh numerology! this is something many people like but I am terrible with numbers and I never know where I fit in.

Helena said...

Do the test! I was pretty surprised by the results. I know nothing about numerology either.